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Body Nourishing Seaweed Oil


Massage Oil - Slimming Oil      (100ml) P750.oo / $20.oo

Slimming Oil - Massage Oil with luxury natural aroma brings draining and firming properties to refine problem areas. Exceptionally effective natural ingredients work in synergy to activate slimming and anti-cellulite process while bringing absolute pleasure and relaxation to your body. Our Slimming Massage Oil was originally designed for use by day spa and massage professionals who require specific and definite results for their clients. Now professional grade slimming massage oil is available for you.

How Massage Oil Slimming Oil works:
Our Slimming Oil is an effective slimming massage body oil with triple action: toning, tightening, and toxin elimination. Enriched with seaweeds that smoothes and tones the skin helping restore skin suppleness and firmness.

How to use Massage Oil Slimming Oil:
slimming oil can be used as either massage oil or body care oil. As a massage oil use Slimming Oil for full-body and specific areas massage. As a body care oil, apply with broad circular movements all over the body. Finish by kneading between thumb and index finger, rolling the skin from thumb to index.

Massage Oil Slimming Oil Proven Performance:
Relieves tension and relaxes the body 
Treated areas are visibly smoother 
Body surface appears tighter 
The orange peel effect is visibly improved 

Slimming Oil Massage Oil Texture: Fine oil

Seaweeds have a remarkable softening, remineralizing, moisturizing and firming effect on the skin.  Applications of seaweeds help to detoxify the tissues and regulate blood circulation throughout the body.  The high iodine content stimulates the thyroid gland.  This increases the metabolic action, speeding up the detoxification process.  Seaweeds provide three essential skin health needs: it quenches free radicals with its beta carotene, improves skin color and tone, and reduces the effects of aging.

     So if you are interested in turning back the clock on your skin, a seaweed body treatment is a most pleasurable way to do so.  Never mind that you will look like a human sushi roll while your body is enrobed in these Neptunian nutrients.  You will emerge a new tuna with a better feeling of well-being and skin as soft as a sharks’ belly.

the beauty elixir from the sea


Aphrodite, born of the sea, owes her beauty to seaweeds. 
Should you add this abundant sea vegetable to your beauty routine?


By Felicia Tomasko   


Seaweeds, although referred to as “weeds,” are actually sea vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and other compounds that benefit our physical health-inside and out. Throughout history, and in cultures around the world, seaweeds have been used as food, medicine, and in cosmetic and body treatments.


   According to naturopath Linda Rector-Page, author of the twenty-year-old reference book Healthy Healing, sea greens are some of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. In addition to their detoxifying attributes, seaweeds have important antioxidant and cell protective qualities; they can also strengthen bones, support weight management, deter cellulite build-up, soften the skin, help heal scars, and promote thyroid health and balance.
   Research studies utilizing different types of seaweed suggest that these vegetables may be significant contributors to lower breast cancer rates among Asian women. Eating seaweeds has also been shown to regulate menstrual cycles, protect against viral infections, and provide a source of antioxidants. Seaweeds are shown to have anti-cancer properties and the gel made from kelp has even been shown to have soothing, anti-ulcer effects and heal damaged skin. Seaweeds are rich in vitamins A, C, E as well as antioxidant polyphenols.
   Grouped by color, brown algaes include kelp, kombu, and nori. They are rematerializing, detoxifying, and help reduce cellulite. Green algaes, like wakame that are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, assist in stimulating collagen synthesis. Spirulina and other blue-green algaes contain concentrated amino acids and stimulate cellular metabolism. Red algaes soothe sensitive skin, and white algaes are detoxifying and soothing.
   We may think of seaweeds as being salty, but that salty taste is not solely derived from salt (sodium and chloride), a sea of other vital minerals, including iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, zinc, and selenium, also influence their taste. Seaweeds contain the concentrated balance of minerals found in seawater, which is similar to the balance found in our own body’s plasma and blood. Seaweeds therefore nourish and remineralize the body.
   Kat James, holistic beauty and health expert, and author of the annually updated classic The Truth About Beauty, raves about the beneficial properties of seaweeds. James says they “are one of the most important ingredients in skincare because of their ability (depending on concentration and the type of seaweed) to stimulate circulation, detoxification, and even collagen production, while at the same time giving an immediate plump softness to the skin without the irritation and potential harm of daily alpha-hydroxy acid use.”

   Due to this wide range of benefits provided by seaweeds, whole or extracted components of the plants are used in beauty care products and spa treatments from wraps and bath salts to exfoliants, masks, and lotions. When absorbed by the skin, seaweeds promote detoxification and nourish the body. 
   At ocean-side spas, seaweed treatments attract those seeking to draw toxins from the body. Visitors flock from all over the world to visit California’s famous “grotto at Corona” Glen Ivy Spa and Hot Springs, and coat their skin with a luxurious mask made of a mixture of aloe and seaweed used in an underground hydrating cave-like chamber.
   Between spa visits, bathing in seaweeds is detoxifying, nourishing, and rejuvenating. Barbara Stephens-Lewellan, who gathers seaweeds from a pristine stretch of northern California coast for the Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company, prepares seaweeds especially for bathing by soaking them in infusions of sea salt and lavender.
   James also raves about bathing with sea vegetables and using them on the skin to promote lymphatic circulation and detoxification. She recommends adding some powdered spirulina to your bathwater along with your favorite bath salts and essential oils. Additionally, James suggests picking up dried kombu, nori, or dulse chips at the health food store, blending them in a Vita-Mix or other durable food processor/blender, and boiling them in pure or filtered water. After cooling, the resulting mineral-rich water can be used for bathing or a nourishing rinse.
   The buzz around seaweeds has become much more audible lately. This has led to the proliferation of seaweed-enriched body care products and seaweed dishes on menus. Although currently plentiful, conservation of seaweed sources, reduction of pollution, and preservation of ocean purity are important concerns even for those of us who don’t live on a coastline. Organizations, including the Ocean Protection Coalition, are involved in this conservation work.
   Sea vegetables are both farmed (much commercial nori is grown off the coast of Japan) and collected by hand from the ocean. People who harvest sea vegetables, such as Stephens-Lewellan, liken their craft to trimming the hair of Grandmother Ocean. This may be a romantic image for seaweeds that lack an attractive physical appearance, but their importance for health and beauty are unparalleled.


Seaweeds purify and balance the ocean and do the same for the human body. They can help:

  • Release toxins in the body
  • Add vital nutrients and minerals such as potassium and iodine
  • Improve circulation
  • Speed weight loss and cellulite control
  • Even to ease aches and pains

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