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Soaps & Body Essentials

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Soaps at  P27 each, minimum of 5pcs per class/type. minimum of 100pcs.
GLuta Soap at P30 ea minimum of 100pcs.
Lotions,Body scrub,Facial Was,Body Wash etc at P375 per kl.
Virgin Coconut Oil - P350 per liter choice ur scent.
Lip Balm or Lipgloss a P1000 per kl, choice ur flavor.
Transparent soap at P200 per kl.
Bath salt at P400 per kl
Name ur scent for cologne and perfume:
Cologne P750 per liter
Eu de toil  P110  per liter
Flavor/scent: (combination is possible just add a minimum fee)
Floral Scent:  jasmine,lavander,chamomile,rose,rosewood
Flavor: peppermint,strawberry,vanilla,mellon,bubblegum
Food Flavor:  cream vanilla, choco,coffee,almond,milk,green tea,butterscoth,milk, apple
Christmas Scent: fruitcake, orange and spice, christmas berry,pine tree
Leaves/grass: Eucalyptus,peppermint,citronella,lemon grass,herbal aromatic,pine
Wood: sandal wood, cedar wood
Fruit: strawberry, rasberry,dewberry,mulberry,grapefruit,apricot,watermellon,blueberry,lime,lemon,lemon dew,green apple,green apple,mango, orange, cherry,pineapple,bergamot,aloe vera
Note:(shipping cost not included)
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