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Virgin Coconut Oil 

High in antioxidants that penetrate into the underlying tissues of your skin to prevent and protect against the formation of free radicals (which break down your skin’s connectives tissues as you age). The Oil will also soften and moisturize your skin, as well as aid in removing the outer layer of dead skin cells making your skin smoother and more evenly textured with a healthy “shine”. Many conventional body care products made with refined vegetable oils, have all the antioxidants stripped from them (as a result of the refining process) and so are highly prone to free-radical generation, causing your skin to actually age faster! Virgin Coconut Oil has been found to: -

  • Prevent premature aging of the skin.
  • Heal and repair damaged skin tissue.
  • Help bring back a youthful appearance
  • Assist in the prevention of liver spots and other blemishes caused by aging and over exposure to sunlight.


Apricot Kernel has revitalizing, nourishing and moisturizing properties. It may also help to regulate moisture and restructure the skin. Apricot Kernel oil spreads easily over the skin and may be used in most cosmetic products, including soaps, lotions, and skincare as an active principle or as a carrier.

Apricot Kernel oil comes from the seed of the apricot fruit. It is slightly lighter and thinner than sweet almond oil, and is absorbed by the skin rather quickly and easily. It is very high in vitamin A, fatty acids and minerals, and is a wonderful ingredient to remedy dry, acne prone and mature skin

GrapeSeed Carrier Oil

Discover the benefits of Grapeseed Carrier Oil. Pure, natural Grapeseed oil, extracted from the seeds of grapes after juicing, is noted for its great skin moisturizing properties as well as regenerative and restructuring benefits.

One of the most common oils used for aromatherapy massage, grapeseed oil is very good for those with skin which does not seem to absorb moisture easily. Because Grape Seed oil is rich in antioxidants, and also contains vitamins, minerals, protein, GLA, and vitamin E, all of
Grapeseed Oils properties are also absorbed into the body through the skin providing soft, supple and firm tissue.

Those with sensitive skin will also love GrapeSeed oil because of its natural non-allergenic properties.
Grapeseed oil is an excellent non-greasy oil with multiple uses, and could be further enhanced by blending with another carrier oil such as almond oil.

Pure Grapeseed oil is highly beneficial in cosmetics and is a preferred ingrdient to treat stressed and damaged tissue.
Grapeseed oil works wonders in stretchmark reducing aromatherapy recipes.

Jojoba Oil

Smooth, non-greasy Pure Jojoba oil offers collagen benefits known to improve skin health. In fact, the chemical composition of pure jojoba oil is very close to the chemical composition of the oil in our own skin (and scalp).  You will see the difference that Pure Jojoba Oil will make in your hair and skin! 

Jojoba oil also contains proteins, minerals and myristic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory agent, leading to clean, clear and firm skin.

Pure Jojoba Oil also has revitalizing, nourishing and moisturizing properties. It helps to regulate moisture and restructure the skin.

Skincare is not the only reason to use Jojoba Oil. If you have hair that breaks, splits or tangles - pure Jojoba oil can help tame those locks.

Sunflower Oil

Discover the health benefits of  Natural Sunflower Carrier Oil. Sunflower oil, exctracted from sunflower seeds, is very nourishing and is also a wonderful moisturizer. Sunflower oil contains natually occuring Vitamin A and E. Vitamin A, also known as retinol, provides many health benefits, as does vitamin E. Both vitamins neutralize free radicals. Vitamin E plays a significant role in the reduction of asthma symptoms, and arthritis, both of which are conditions affected by free radicals and inflammation. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory effects that help these two conditions as a result.

Sunflower oil is recommended for most skin types, from normal to oily.

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