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    The perfect music for the perfect event

Featured below are just a few professional artists and entertainers available to book for your next corporate show, private function or event.
Call one of the friendly team at +639217513966/+639208086049.Click below on any
entertainment artist or band photo to view more info/video/enlarge pic.


Music Genre Band (click pic for details)
Plays music from any genre.

Music Genre is a multi-faceted, all encompassing, high energy entertainment experience for any type of event. Each event's music is tailor-made based on You, the venue and crowd in order to ensure an overwhelmed and happy crowd and a successful event! With the unique vocals, diversity in sound and music, and unparalleled groove the group is carrying,

Class Act Band
Rnb,Alternative/Classic Rock

Class Act gives the right aura for its name. From time to time,envolves and upgrades its quality. Further projecting the appropriate music for the right image. Empowering the songs with their personal renditions according to their taste;accentuates the music of the past to the present'giving the usual performance a new taste and diverse indentity which lives up the audience and proves that they have molded their talents into its prime.

Thus making CLASS ACT's performance packed with MUSICAL TOTALITY.



Retro 70's & 80's

X.O.P. has consistently come up with the most spectacular, innovative, exciting and successful performances in and out of the country. From five-star hotels, bars, private functions, weddings receptions, corporate shows, street parties, school events and town fiestas – they continue to be one of the most talked-about young bands in the live performance circuit not only in the Philippines but also in different countries such as Japan and U.S.A.

Eyes Candies
5 Female Voc Variety Band

Check out one of the Metro’s hottest upcoming bands, the EYE CANDIES. All of the members have undergone extensive training gearing them up for the hotspots their going to play at. Despite the natural talent the members displayed beforehand, their perseverance has made them incomparable to the typical bands of today. The EYE CANDIES will surely take the Metro by storm. Not only are the vocalists gorgeous and mesmerizing, but their talents beholding more than just some sweet tantalizing physiques.Unlike other chick bands nowadays, the EYE CANDIES offer a variety of music and dance steps which will surely blow your mind away. Not only do they play the hottest R&B hits of today, but they also specialize in playing yesterday’s hits with a unique class of Bossa Nova beats added on.

Beat's n Pieces
Retro/Ballroom Band

Relive! Revive! The Golden Era of Rock and Roll with The BEATS & PIECES BAND which specializes in “RETRO” music, basically Rock and Roll, culled from the list of top hits of the 50’s to the 80’s. Their rendition of the songs of The Beatles, The Beegees, The Zombies, Herman’s Hermits, Dave Clark Five, The Searchers, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Santana, Peter and Gordon, Chad and Jeremy, The Beachboys and many other pop icons of those times, has not in  any way deviated from the original musical arrangement to sound like the way it used to during that era, thereby bringing about an air of nostalgia to their music. The band’s repertoire is largely revival of the oldies pop hits, however, their repertoire includes latin, folk, rock, soul, standards and ballroom music.

Etude Band

Bonded together to bring life the sound of the past and up to the present. To quicken the soul of our listeners and viewers with the soothing music we make. Young breed of musicians that simulate the music of the past, create new twist to today’s hottest hits.




R&B Band

Switchblade provides high quality music for all ages. This flexible group specializes in dance music from the big band era and can easily play the favorites from any decade. A talented singer and continuous music keeps your partygoers happy and dancing!


A trio of seasoned performers who exude passion for music as for life. Through the years of being together in a group, their camaraderie is undoubtedly solid. They had their beginnings as members of a six-piece variety band back in the late ‘90’s. Having been together since then has enriched their musical experience and has taken them to glorious heights through TV guestings and performances in prestigious bars and hotels, both here in Manila and other countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, and China. The trio has recently appeared at the, "Acoustic Open" sponsored by one of Manila 's top FM radio stations.

This is a trio that ultimately sounds like a full-piece band--- with each member executing the roles of both vocalist and instrumentalist. Be drawn and captivated by their music which includes classic favorites and contemporaries. Sit back and enjoy the enigmatic electro-acoustic ride of your life.


Meet the exciting musical phenomenon that is EExtrovert….a  group of 7 talented musicians and performers of different ages and backgrounds brought together by their shared love for music and the need to showcase the innate Filipino musical prowess and versatility.


         Extrovert music is music that calls out clearly to listeners and audiences not only to enjoy the music but to participate in the performance.


Kolourz Sequencer Group

The KOLOURZ is a Filipino Sequencer Band who have Travelled and performed at Various Hotels in The Middle East, Asia and Africa..They have warmed many hearts with their rendition of commercial and lounge bits. They have a splendid variety of repertoire and interact well with their audience.Together they perform a variety of music from Lounge Standards, Country Western, Light Jazz, Latin, Pop and Top 40 Ballads.With a good mix of fine soothing piano, guitar, voice and choreographys they make a perfect team for any Hotel Lounge and Bar.
Edwin,vvocals, piano & guitar has been around in the top hotels and exclusive resorts has a distinctive style and charisma with the ebony and ivory keys. He has been performing professionally for more than ten years.
Rosalie,vocals, flute and percussions... She has no problems in handling various kinds of songs that is requested of her and plays sentimental ballads on flute.

Mary Grace,This lady gets the attention of her audiences whenever she is on stage with her wide repertoire and Stage charisma..


Dream Sequence

A highly entertaining 3 piece sequencer/acoustic band that covers a variety of genres with unique arrangements, rich vocal harmonies and a high energy stage presence.

New Level Band

A Seven Member Group with a wide selection of music.Young, vibrant and very professional,been in the industry for more than 10 years.

Soulful 4pc All Male Acoustic Band

Muzic Society
Variety Band

Playhaus Band

Playhaus is an alternative,rythmn and blues  band consists of 5 outstanding musicians  whose diversity of backgrounds and influences come together to create quite a distinct sound

String Attached combines quality jazz musicianship with years of experience to provide sparkling entertainment for you and your guest. The band plays all styles of jazz, instrumental or vocal, latin bossa nova and will perform special requests. Each band member has developed a style through over thirty years of professional musicianship and performances with established figures in jazz.

String Attached
a latin jazz, bossa nova group

Contact us:+639217513966/+639208086049 for full profile of the band

If you are on a tight budget or in a small venue we can provide you with a solo,duo or trio with a full band music or if you are looking for a full band we can do this as well. We will provide a good time for all ages.

More bands will be listed soon.

We will adding more bands soon, pls check our site from time to time


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